We interview Talent Acquisition and Employment Branding leaders with the same questions about their career beginnings, engaging talent, a favorite project or campaign, getting a company to stand out and converting prospects to applicants.

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Welcome our newest In the Pipeline addition:


Bill Boorman


"Pub Rules Engagement - Personalized Approach"

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 Deniz Gultekin

                Head of Employer Brand, Lever

  "Your Vibe Attracts your Tribe"

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 Lars Schmidt

                        Founder, Amplify//

         "Be Snackable"

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   Allison Kruse

            Director, Social Media and TA, KForce

   "The Kindergarten Principle"





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    Audra Knight

           Recruitment Operations Manager, Tenable

 "Nurturing Prospects is the EB Key"

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   Kerry Noone

  Director Recruitment Marketing, CVS Health

           "Visual Vitality"


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   Stacy Zapar

          Founder, Talent Agency & Tenfold

  "Embrace Imperfections"

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    Angie Verros

                                 Founder, Vaia

      "Band Mates Wanted"

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  Katrina Collier

                           The Searchologist

      "Being Human is Easy"

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      Nando Rodriguez

                                  Talent Partner, BroadbandTV, (BBTV)

                "All About Authenticity"

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     Robin Schooling

                         VP Human Resources, Hollywood Casino

        "Recruitment Takes a Village"

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Lane Sutton

Employer Brand Strategist, Marketer, Speaker, Student, Digital Native

"Personalized Web Experience"

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